IIT-JAM Physics, India

Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. (JAM) is a typical affirmation test directed each year for confirmation into Master of Science (M.Sc.) and other post-graduate science programs at Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), and National Institutes of Technology(NITs), coordinated by exchanging foundations consistently. JAM has been directed since 2004. The 2021 release will be coordinated by the Indian Institute of Science

The test is PC-based. Seven even Papers are directed for each individual subject namely mathematics, physics, chemistry, mathematical statistics, geology, biotechnology, and economics. Biological science was eliminated in 2020 and financial matters were presented in 2021. The test is three hours and is led uniquely in English. It incorporates 60 inquiries, as follows: 30 numerous decision questions (MCQ), 10 different select inquiries (MSQ), and 20 mathematical answer type (NAT) questions. Absolute imprints are 100, 50 for MCQ, 20 for MSQ, and 30 for NAT. Negative imprints are given for botches in the MCQ part.

IIT-JAM Physics Entrance (2005-2009), India

2005 JAM Physics
2006 JAM Physics
2007 JAM Physics
2009 JAM Physics

IIT-JAM Physics Entrance (2010-2014), India

2010 JAM Physics
2011 JAM Physics
2012 JAM Physics
2013 JAM Physics
2014 JAM Physics

IIT-JAM Physics Entrance (2015-2019), India

2015 JAM Physics
2016 JAM Physics
2017 JAM Physics
2018 JAM Physics
2019 JAM Physics

IIT-JAM Physics Entrance (2020-2024), India

2020 JAM Physics
2021 JAM Physics
2022 JAM Physics
2023 JAM Physics
2024 JAM Physics

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